Medicine Horse Therapy offers a professionally crafted set of programs that uses specially trained horse herds and experienced facilitators to produce exceptional results for participants.

Rather than focusing on the symptom, the Medicine Horse philosophy attempts to solve the root problem-a holistic approach.  For example, a youth who bullies or who is vulnerable to gang recruitment can be helped, but once back in the home environment only the youth has been equipped to make changes-the environment, usually has not.  Instead of working with only the youth, Medicine Horse includes the parents, caregivers, elders, the extended family, community members and professionals so that the young person has a supportive environment to which he/she can return.


Medicine Horse Tours helps to bridge cultural gaps one person at a time.  We discuss (not deny) stereotypes, prejudices and racist practices.  By promoting understanding and learning between cultures, on a one on one basis, we believe we can encourage world ambassadors to assist in eliminating these negative views of our proud yet humble Aboriginal (Canadian Indian) people.

We promote sustainable tourism, by building economic development partnerships with our First Nation communities, so that their local entrepreneurs can employ friends and relatives.


Leaders in the industry offering innovative programs such as: Arabian Horse Expos, TLC Mentorship Opportunities, TLC Learn About Horses, TLC Liberty Horses and TLC Fun Days.

Responsible breeders offering well broke horses for sale with proven classic Arabian bloodlines focusing on Polish & Crabbet breeding.

Arabian Horse Expos and Multiculturalism Days:  Call for upcoming dates.

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